Pleistocene Park

Restoration of the Mammoth Steppe Ecosystem


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Pleistocene Park and the North-East Scientific Station

    Pleistocene Park and the North-East Scientific Station (NESS) are scientific organizations situated in the in the far north of Siberia, 5 km away from town Cherskii (Yakutia Republic) (68°44’ N, 161°23’E).

    Established in 1977, North-East Scientific Station developed into one of the world biggest arctic research stations, providing wide possibilities for year round research in different disciplines, such as ecology, climate change, arctic biology, permafrost studies, hydrology, limnology, geophysics, atmospheric physics and others. Station owns 3 laboratory with modern equipment, and able to facilitate up to 50 researchers at a time.

    Pleistocene Park is the main station initiative and comprises an attempt to reconstruct the ecosystem which dominated in the arctic in late Pleistocene - Mammoth steppe ecosystem. That requires replace modern low productive northern ecosystems by high productive pastures with high animal density and high rates of biocycling.

    First experiments with animal reintroductions were made back in 1988. Now Pleistocene Park occupies a 16 square kilometers fenced area and a home for 5 big herbivore species, such as bison, musk ox, moose, horse and reindeer.

Park territory on the map. Red line is the old fence built in 1996 and blue line is a new fence built in 2004-2005. Inside the old paddock additionally built small yards for animal quarantine or adaptation in the park.


Oct. 7, 2014 — Website update

After two years of silence, we are planning to update site with news and photos. Not being familiar with the process, making a test news.
Our project is alive and we are trying to extend it. Details soon.

March 1, 2011 — Waiting for Bisons!

Pleistocene Park have received all the permissions to have 5 bisons from Prioksko-Terrace Reserve, to be taken to the Park. Now as soon as all logistical problems on how to have animals from around Moscow to Cherskii are solved, first bison will appear in the park. Hopefully it will happen within a month.

Sept. 30, 2010 — End of field season

Winter is coming soon and 2010 field season is almost finished, most of the scientific groups coming this year are already gone. It was successful year, many scientific data collected, samples processed or shipped and everyone is safe.

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